Mini Lesson: How Ton Write Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Lesson objective: how to write simple, compound and complex sentences

Nowadays more and more people want to get things done instantly.

Why is it? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In recent years people have begun to demand the completion of all manner of tasks instantaneously. My personal opinion is that this is a negative development that has been caused largely by improvements in technology. This essay shall offer supporting reasons for this stand point.

Society now expects everything to be done immediately and we have grown used to new innovative technologies which often allow this to happen. In the past, customers would not mind waiting in a queue for a service but now, they grow increasingly agitated by doing so as there is nearly always a technology driven solution which could be easily implemented to speed up the process. For instance, Tesco in the UK have introduced checkout machines that do not require a cashier to operate them. This allows customers to go to any free machine and pay for their goods themselves, thus reducing waiting times.

This is a positive development as it means that all businesses now have to innovate in order to meet customer demands. Companies that ignore the need for speed and efficiency shall lose out to their more technologically driven companies. This should in effect create competitive industries that are all striving to improve the speed in which they provide their goods and services. For example, this has been happening for years in the smart phone market. Apple Incorporated are constantly challenged by its competitors, such as Samsung, to be creative and produce newer and more effective smart phones. Without this pressure they may not be forced to make the improvements in design that they have done and the consumer would suffer as a result.

Overall, I believe that technology is the main driver of people’s need for everything to happen instantaneously. This has benefited society in that companies have to be constantly innovating in order to remain competitive in their industry.

310 words

Teaching Point: You will score higher marks for showing a range of grammatical structures in your essay. This does not mean that you have to deliberately insert long complex sentences in order to score highly. If you simply structure your essays in the way I have been showing you then you will automatically use a range of simple, compound and complex sentences.


Simple sentences consist of one main clause and appear in bold in the essay above.

Compound sentences contain two separate clauses joined by a simple linking word such as for, and, next, before, or, so. These sentences appear in bold and italics above.

Complex sentences contain one or more clauses containing at least one independent clause and one dependent clause.  Do not worry if you do not understand this, simply try to write normally and you will inevitably write some complex sentences in your essay. Complex sentences appear in italics in the essay above.

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