Mini Lesson 1: IELTS Essay Ideas

Lesson objective: Discover the type of IELTS essay ideas that work best.

Most people believe that stricter punishments should be given for traffic offenses.

To what extent do you agree?

Certain groups of people believe that the current levels of air travel are too high and governments should act to lower it. Other people are of the opinion that the present level is fine. Personally, I am of the opinion that it should be reduced significantly and the government should aid this process. The following paragraphs shall outline the reasons why I believe this to be the correct view point.

Firstly, many countries already suffer from poor air quality which airplanes only worsen. For each flight that takes place more and more carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere which then enhances the breakdown of the ozone layer. We are already seeing that many cities, particularly those in China, are suffering from constant thick smog which sits over many of the cities there. As it is a governments duty to monitor and improve the overall health of their nation they should certainly be proactive in reducing this risk factor.

Allied to the above, tourists are not always beneficial to the host country. For example, in Bali tourists have been destroying the beautiful beaches with their constant litter pollution and degrading the local culture through their appetite for drinking alcohol to excess and behaving in an anti-social manner. Restricting the level of air travel would hopefully lead to the preservation and enhanced value of local traditions and culture. However, they may need help from the government in establishing other income streams so they can maintain their standard of living.

Overall, maintaining safe levels of air quality and a nation’s tradition and cultures are more important than the needs of tourists. Governments should therefore implement a plan of action to ensure that both of these are protected for the benefit of future generations.

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Teaching Point: The ideas you come up with for your essay do not have to be new, or amazing. All they need to do is answer the question. Simple ideas are often the best as they can be easily explained. Remember the examiners are not interested in how clever your ideas are, this is not a university essay, they just want to see your level of English.

However, it does help if you can are able to think of your own opinions quickly. to practice this every time you read a news article try coming up with your own opinion about it just for practice, this will help you to feel less pressured on test day.

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