How To Do IELTS Writing Task 2 General And Academic

IELTS Writing Task 2 is the same for both General and Academic papers. It is a 250 word minimum essay task that carries twice as many marks as task 1.

You have 1 hour to do both tasks, so it is recommended that you spend 40 minutes on task 2 and just 20 minutes on task 1.

This is a short guide on 'How To Do IELTS Writing Task 2 General And Academic'.  There is a lot of useful information here, so you may wish to bookmark this page and comeback to it again.

 The 6 Step Writing Process

Follow this step-by-step process to produce well structured essays that please the examiners.

  1. Identify the essay question type. There are several different types of questions and each question type requires a particular type of structure to answer it effectively. Read how to identify question types here.

2. Generate ideas and plan your essay. A simple yet important process that will ensure you answer the main parts of the question and not run out of time. Read more about essay planning and idea generation here.


3. Write the introduction. Most introductions can be done quite simply and quickly in just 3 or 4 sentences, learn how to write introductions here.


4. Write main body paragraphs. Using your essay plan you should be able to write body paragraphs with real purpose. Discover how to write main body paragraphs here.


5. Add your conclusion. A short but important paragraph that summarises your  main ideas. Learn how to write effective conclusions here.


6. Check your essay. An essential part of writing is to check for errors. This is really important in IELTS tests as simple mistakes can effect your band score. Discover how to check your essay efficiently here.

The more you practice this process the more confident you will become. Following the same process each time helps to eliminate nerves on exam day, it prevents you from making silly mistakes and means you will produce a well structured essay every time.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Practice Questions

Recent IELTS Essay questions as reported by recent test takers from around the world. Here we have compiled recent questions reported to us, and other reliable sources, that appeared in recent tests.

IELTS Essay questions by topic area This is where you want to go if you want to practice certain topics as there are separate pages for each topic. Questions are also categorised by type i.e. discussion, opinion, and situation question types.

Recent IELTS essay questions and model answers from 2018 This is a pdf download full of questions and model answers, along with my special coaching points, techniques and tips!