IELTS Writing Vocabulary

How to learn IELTS vocabulary

Need help with your IELTS writing vocabulary? Here’s a video made by the people who make the IELTS exam explaining how you can improve this. The full script is underneath the video.

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IELTS Writing Vocabulary: Improve English And Prepare For IELTS (Script)

So you have decided to take the IELTS exam. Great choice, it’s the test that opens doors around the world.

Here we look at the criteria of lexical resource.

This is one of four criteria on which you will be tested on, look for the other three criteria in other videos (on this site).

This criteria focuses on the range and accuracy of the vocabulary used in your writing.


Here are a few tips to improve your IELTS writing vocabulary:

1. When you are learning English vocabulary learn synonyms this helps you to avoid repeating the same word. For example, learn different ways of describing changes or trends for Task 1 answers.

2. For both part one and part two answers try not to use too many words from the exam question in your response. Again using synonyms can help you to reflect the same meaning.

3. When analyzing your task 2 exam question you can brainstorm synonyms for the key words in the question and use these throughout your essay answer.

Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international laws introduced to control car ownership and use.

4. Also when you are learning vocabulary don’t learn one word at a time learn word combinations or collocation. Remember, the way words are used together and avoid typical mistakes such as:

He was guilty of making a crime.

He was guilty of committing a crime.

5. English words are often part of families for instance:

Nowadays every economical is struggling.

Nowadays every economic is struggling.

Nowadays every economics is struggling.

Nowadays every economy is struggling.

When writing, use the correct word formation for the context.

6. Always leave time at end of the test to check your writing for errors and add in a wider range of language.

Be sure you use less common vocabulary correctly, you are not trying to impress the examiner with your vocabulary, you are not being assessed on the creativity or the correctness of your ideas.

You are demonstrating your ability to express and develop ideas precisely and effectively.


For more information please see the writing test videos, Task achievement, Coherence and cohesion and grammatical range and accuracy (available on this site from the menu at the top of the page).

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